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i attend this beautiful program as we call it daurah.

Daurah is equal to attend course of islamic thing.

but its more than that actually.

when you attend this daurah you fell like energetic than before.

like charging the phone when your battery is weak enough.

I realise something when..

One of sister make me realise of something.

its about TUMUHAT.

What is TUMUHAT?

Tumuhat is when you obses with something.

Lets say you are admiring of  someone which is an artist
You will follow his or her schdule IG,FB,TWEETER,DLL.
Something like that.

But please
Ask yourself What is your TUMUHAT?your OBSES?

Its really clear when you know the purpose of life.
you know what ALLAH wants from you.
you know what you should give to ALLAH. our Lord our Mighty our Rabb.

Then if your Tumuhat is JANNAH
then you should aim for HIGHEST JANNAH.

make it your tumuhat is clear and act like you aim for your tumuhat.

Among the believers are men who have been true to their covenant with ALLAH.they have gone …